Jobsite Shade

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Increased Productivity and Increased Safety

Heat is a major issue for worker safety. The Jobsite Shade is a durable, affordable way to increase jobsite health compliance and boost productivity by helping workers stay out of the sun. The Jobsite Shade is mobile, and easy to use.

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We Bring a Lot to the Table


The Jobsite Shade is a durable piece of industrial grade equipment. Simple construction reduces moving parts and provides years of service. The heavy duty construction of our patented Jobsite Shade withstands harsh conditions while standing up to wear and tear on your site.


The vented top allows the rising heat to escape, providing a cooler and more comfortable shade. The back screen allows airflow while still blocking 97% of UV rays. Our temperature tests show an average drop of 10℉ in the air temperature and 30℉ drop in surface temperatures under the Jobsite Shade Screen. These factors, and the ability to work under it and move it along with you, make the Jobsite Shade Screen an effective way to keep production going during the summer.


The Jobsite Shade improves worker safety and allows them to stay on or close to their worksite for breaks. Highly visible and easily accessible, the Jobsite Shade Screen is the perfect tool to combat heat stress and strain.

And that's not all..

Easy one-man set up. No outside crews required for set up

Forklift slots for safe and easy transport

No outside poles or guy wires to impede progress

Proudly made in America

Withstands the elements-If you can work, it will work for you

Customized colors and carriers

Does not introduce any new safety issues to your jobsite

Environmentally friendly, no fuels or electricity required

Jobsite Shade in the Field